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Herein lies the tale of one man - the tale of every man...

Harbinger is an average Joe, yet he is not average at all. Joe Harbinger grew up in many places - not in one city, or another town - but really everywhere. He probably even lived next door to you at some point.

You can read about the life of Harbinger - some of it romantic, some sad, some inspiring, and some of it maybe even a little creepy.

You can even write chapters for the life and times of Joe Harbinger. If you're an aspiring author, headed for the gallos, or even a chick stuck in a man's body - you can let it all hang out right here.

We even have a donation program that lets readers support your work and our website.

Quality Index...

  • A - exceptional work. You are likely to find this level of writing in a best-seller. There may be clever twists and turns in the plot, and the writing is engaging, and inspiring. You feel you know at least some of the characters, and may even feel as though you are one of those characters - as though the story was written about you.
  • B - written very well. You would find this level of writing in many magazines and professional journals. The reader might see some opportunities for plot and/or character development, and the story may wander a bit for no aparent reason, but it lands back on track and tells the story.
  • C - average writing. You would find this level of writing in high-school papers, or as rough-drafts in college work. The writing is generally gramatically correct, but will not be inspiring. It tells the story, but makes it relatively boring. These have potential, and should be re-visited and improved by the author.
  • D - poor writing. This is typical of someone who is just starting out. Gramatical errors, punctuation, subject and verb agreement problems, etc. This work would not be inspiring and the average reader might not make it to the end of the piece. It may seem as though some of the story is missing, or is confusing.
  • F - failed writing. This level of writing is hardly worth saving. Examples include inconsistencies, the work jumps around, no points are setup, and none are taken. There is no direction.

Vice / Violence Index...

  • G - General - anybody, including children.
  • PG - Parental Guidance - some advanced content. This content will not be restricted.
  • PG13 - Parental Guidance, nobody under 13.
  • R - Restricted, adult content including sexual and/or violent content.
  • NC17 - No Childred under 17 - the most mature.

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Cup Couture

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